Access Account

The account for your everyday banking needs – it’s flexible, simple and convenient.

This is an everyday account that's great for managing your money, while you also earn interest on your savings. And with your ATM/EFTPOS card, your money is at your fingertips 24/7.


Access Account

Part MMB* thru $100.00 = 0.00%Part MMB* over $100.00 = 0.00%*Minimum Monthly Balanceregister your interest

You can also use your Access account for:

  • receiving all or part of your pay
  • automatic payments & direct credits

Even better, you'll pay no fees on your Access account, once you reach a total savings balance of $3,000 (that's on all your savings with us). With a little planning, it's easy to bank without fees with Aotearoa Credit Union.

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